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How anyone can see fit to invite Chris Brown to anything ever I will never understand.

Hahaha. He is Robert Downey Jr.

Some people are just awesome. He is one of those people.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 110 Pics

Robert Downey Jr. He gets more delicious as he gets older. My current obsession. I hope he has children -- those genes need to be passed on.

That's the confusion when you go to public or private school. If you homeschool, your mom IS your teacher.

I'm pretty sure someone I know wrote this. lol

I cannot wait till I can read for pleasure again!!! Reading is no fun when your made to do it.

i will teach this to my children

Every Villain Is Lime. Even the new Maleficent movie. When she does something evil, it's green fog. When it's good it's gold

Being Sad and make other's happy is big thing... Keep inspiring , and be inspired by inspirational quotes