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    • Renny Caste

      I've always thought this... I dated so many guys before meeting my hubby... He is who I will spend the rest of my life with

    • Wayne Christiansen

      hi. i am in love with you. ok."" @Mikinzie Guettler #Famous Quotes|

    • heybleki

      "'s a touch when i feel bad, it's a smile when i get mad all the little things i am everyday i love you..." - boyzone.

    • Michael

      I am so in love with you. I wish you only knew how much. But you're just basing it on one thing only.

    • Ashley Jordan

      Things I text Ben on a daily basis, haha. Hey, guess what? I am completely in love with you.

    • Thank You

      You already know this. We kind of got into tonight about the over time thing. I showed him the calendar and told him he had to pick.some days. I am pushing slowly, but at the same time he told me that he er walk away from me. He said....not until I tell him straight to his face that I want him gone. I am going to gage It little by little. This stuff with him is so very stressfull for me. Maybe when she walks away from you then i will.tell him. I need something to go by because doing it this way is so exhausting. Lol. Ugh. I just love you.

    • Trevor Hubbard

      hi. iam in love with you. ok.

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    People have always told me that nothing in life is permanent, but for them I know they haven't truly experienced love. There's a special meaning in gazing into the eyes of the one you love in a tender moment together, and when that happens it's undeniable that in the exchange of two souls through love, there's some form of eternity created.

    I dont ever want to lose you, I dont want to hurt you, I just want to be there for you. I stopped talking to Somo too because he was a thorn. He loves her too much he cant give her up they tell him to stop they tell him to shut up but he believes in love and noone can drive their love away becaues love always finds its way@kiransingh24

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    MY boyfriend :)

    Oliver Gal 'Courage in Life' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom

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    This is my daily expectation for meeting new peeps! How incredibly wonderful it is to share a groove. I don't need to be best friends, soul mates or even a regular part of your life. I just really enjoy my day being filled with genuine connections about the good of daily life.

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    We have ups and downs but I know Isaias loves me. We found the real meaning of true love. And it will always be my favorite.

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