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Southern Thomas: Pinterest Challenge: Discovery in a Bottle

Discovery in a Bottle: I decided to also use the Voss water bottles. It is worth it for the long term use of the bottles. They are very sturdy, no ridges like most bottled waters, and are easier for little curious minds to view what's inside them.

Homemade finger paint safe for babies and toddlers who love to taste everything.  It's made from common household ingredients and is fun for all ages!

Homemade baby and toddler safe sensory paint. Ingredients are common household staples and are safe for babies and toddlers to taste. When fresh the paint is perfect for finger painting. After sitting for awhile the paint is a colorful, ooey sensory mat

Create a magnetic pinball game and a labyrinth of Legos My son and I have experimented  all morning with our Legos. With much trial and error, we made ​​a Lego labyrinth. We used our Lego base plate and we put bricks on it to create complicated mazes.

Create a bagatelle game and a maze with Lego building bricks. Create a magnetic pinball game and a labyrinth of Legos

150+ Sensory activities! Most can easily be modified for the classroom including lots of ideas for a classroom sensory table!

Sensory Play Ideas can be found here, and new playtimes are added weekly! So many FUN and creative ideas here! ideas-for-the-classroom

Desk organizers for baby stuff the_jaime_files

Supplies That Mean Business Repurpose office storage pieces for kids' room supplies. Here, a tiered desktop caddy holds washcloths, lotions, soaps, and other nursery essentials.must have for future baby.