Body Flipbook - Richman / Poorman, free photocopiable template. For younger kids, one page per kid in each family, make a family book. Older kids could manage several pages. It doesn't matter what we look like, God loves us still the same.

Download the full page body flipbook template

Download body flipbook template

Blank Puzzle Template

Body Parts

Building block body sculptures

How to make a whirlygig - with printable template

flip book

Painting like Michelangelo - awesome!

Use the book "Only One You". This would be really cool as a school-wide project!

Free Printables

Lego People Template- Draw Your Family (Printable)


Great for Social Studies - Communities Flip book

Lunettes fofolles

Fun fishing.. catch em with a magnet

passport template - passport for kids - passport -

Q-tip painting templates (printables)

community helper doctor box | We spent two weeks learning about our community helpers. We recycled ...

Sabe aquelas álbuns antigos de fotos? Use eles! Dry Erase Activity Book for Preschoolers - use a photo album and coloring book pages or worksheets under the page protectors. These can be switched out as children grow.

community helpers ideas with printables