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aww, nick would love this.
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Octopus hot dogs - ONLY FOR OLDER KIDS. Don't under estimate the choking hazard that hot dogs present. I won't let my almost 4 year old have hot dogs that aren't cut up.

Hot dog octopus party snacks with tomato sauce and mustard. What a great idea. The kids love to eat these Cheerios. Perfect for under the sea party or a pirate party.

Food so cute you might not even want to eat it (but still will) - Octopus hot dogs

SO CUTE! from zeva - Octopus hot dogs! We have a slightly different version called Tamnunikiyot (Octopus in Hebrew is Tamnun and sausages in Hebrew are naknikiyot)

aww, nick would love this.

Des bébé poulpes avec des saucisses. 20 food art faciles et super originaux pour épater la galerie

20 food art faciles et super originaux pour épater la galerie

Octopus Sausages (serve with sweet Hawaiian rolls & condiments for a Halloween twist on Hot Dogs)

hot dog men!  hahaha!

Hot dog men, plus lots of other ideas for a fun meal! Hamilton I thought of you when I saw the hot dog men!

You can create your own octopus sausage snack quite easily with a few knife incisions and some viennas. Get the kids to help you when you make these.

That Octopus hot dog is adorable, seriously. Clever Hot Dog Recipes Just for Kids - eppa

Original treat - Cute dogs of Twix, Marzipan, chocolate spread and decoration tips

Love these little Dachshund Doggie snacks . for any age. Looks like Kit Kats for body, almond head, peanut ears, pretzel tails, but can't tell what the feet are made of.

Mater! - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

For the Cars-obsessed kid, Tow Mater sandwich! It's a Dudes sandwich!

HOT DOG! That's a cute caterpillar :) #snack

Hot Dog Caterpillar Hot dogs, AGAIN! No wonder kids love these things. They’re so versatile and fun to make cute food creations with. This caterpillar is a cute after school snack, or along side dinner just to make it a little more festive.

flower snack plate | 25+ Cute & Healthy Snacks

25+ Cute and Healthy Snack Ideas

Hot Dog Octopus and Seaweed.   August 2011: Made it for daycare lunch.  The kids thought it was pretty awesome and it made for some great mealtime conversation.  It also encouraged playing with their food.  The picky eaters didn't eat any better for the novelty but it was fun and I'll do it again sometime.

Octopus and Seaweed

For lunch on a rainy day? Hot Dog Octopus and Seaweed. Used to make Hot dog octopuses for my kids and their friends a lot, but never thought of putting them on green noodles!


Keep your body perfect fit with best healthy food plans for men. Fitness tips: Include fitness diet chart and have a good nutritional and balanced food.


Chuckling Eggs: Have fun with boiled eggs leftover from Easter. Use black sesame seeds for eyes black olive slices for eyelids. Cut in mouths using a small paring knife. - these are so awesome!

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11 Creative Food Ideas Your Kids Will Love « Canadian Family

aww, nick would love this.

Octopus Sausages

  • 6 Hot dogs
Oils & Vinegars
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 1 Bamboo skewer

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