Awesome idea for a Christmas Card

Would be a cute funny family picture with mom and dad standing behind the kids holding the lights and duct tape!

This is so gonna be our christmas card!!!Wishing you a silent night! Love this, what an awesome picture idea :)

Cute family picture!


Great Ideas for Funny Christmas Card Photos via bahaha we are so doing this next year

Did this last year! Or was really pretty.

Hilarious photo! (They used it as their Christmas Card photo!) Please meet my friend Amy Fazackerley of LayNGo She's a mom, a CEO and an inventor!

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Funny Sarcastic Birthday / Mother's Day / Father's Day

Ashlee D Photography: fun Christmas photo idea @Debra Eskinazi Stockdale Eskinazi Stockdale Eskinazi Stockdale Eskinazi Stockdale Cole @Jess Pearl Pearl Liu Sutton Prestridge

super fun christmas game

Cute idea for old Christmas card photos from each year.

Cute family portraits... problem is... I cant lift my kids anymore. On the other hand, they are big enough to pose for this photo hanging their dad and me like this lol! Now that would make for a cute Christmas card photo lol.

Creative Christmas Card Ideas | photo box christmas card

I want a picture like #4 in this years family photos (By the way this is the JACKPOT of all posts for family posing ideas)

Christmas Cards idea

Funny family Christmas picture ideas

christmas card idea

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