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    Tiny Teacup Chihuahua love it! She's so cute! I want it so bad I'd be the happiest person in the world! This is all I want for Christmas so bad!

    Black puppy:Hey hey White puppy: what Black puppy: your hot White puppy: thanks my white coat is so much cleaner

    Why is this cute?! ...........click here to find out more googydog.com

    Seriously? They are called MICRO tea-cup... didn't think they could get any smaller!

    tiny chihuahua oh my goodness how could you not love this little one to pieces ahh I want it!

    I usually really don't like chihuahuas but I would take this little guy!

    quote: Chihuahua avec un petit chapeau sur la tête !

    I know I don't need another dog....so it is good I can find the ones I would take home here on Pinterest

    Tiny "Teacup" Chihuahua! Adorable!

    Chihuahua-13 by perawus, via Flickr. Looks like a Margaret Keane.