Beautifully arranged collection of scissors and thimbles

❥ I have silver bird embroidery scissor charms like this and the clear glass "frog". Looks like a simple project I can check off.

Antique gold Ladies sewing set ivory case par adinantiquejewellery, €6250.00

The original 'Don't leave home without it' Antique gold Ladies sewing set ivory case signed Aucoc France Paris

Antique silver thimbles

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Apprenez aujourd'hui à réaliser des petits oiseaux en cage avec du beau papier. Réalisez-en plusieurs et faites-en une belle guirlande !

DIY Petits oiseaux en cage

Silver Grape Scissors

Silver Grape Scissors

Nineteenth century silver plated grape scissors with grape vines motif. Originally used at the table to cut bunches of grapes for eating.

b_a_n_s_h_e_e: Наперстки

A Tiffany acorn thimble case and a thimble with 'Dogwood' pattern - "mine please!

a Frog for craft scissors,works with wire frogs too (for paintbrushes)