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Peacock nails

Peacocks are my FAVORITE bird so I have to figure out how to do this Peacock Feather Nail Art. I am seriously IN LOVE!

Beware Batman fans... the latest in hair art..

These look really awesome, but they would probably be the most annoying things EVER. They would snag on every little thing. But I am going to try to get the bat symbol when I get a pedicure!

Add cornstarch to clear polish to get matte finish! // agrega Fécula de maíz a tu top coat para tener un terminado Matte.

DIY matte topcoat add cornstarch to clear polish to get matte. I now have tried matte finish polish. I bought the matte nail polish, so it's not even me mixing it wrong.

schön  aufklebbare nägel 5 besten

aufklebbare nägel 5 besten

tie dye nail polish You put water in a bowl and drop random colors of nailpolish in it. then you stir it with a toothpick and put petroleum jelly on your fingers, so that the nail polish only gets on your nails. then you stick your fingers in the bowl.

fine neon tips.

Fine Fine Neon Line

Gray Nail Polish with Neon Yellow Tips Hey! Who knew that you could spice up gray so nicely! Gray is boring right guys? But it doesn't have to be! This proves that gray can also be a fun polish col.

Galaxy Unicorn nail decals, very pretty, bright stickers with unique designs.

40 Galaxy Unicorn Nail Decals