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  • Lindsay Paula

    Snowman handstand. Even Snowmen are doing Crossfit.

  • Raquel Ibarra

    LOL Will have to try making this snowman this winter. Kids will think it is funny.

  • Dey La

    Snowman handstand. cute idea

  • Eric Majeres

    Snowman doing a hand stand! If it would just snow a little more you might find 2 or 3 of these in our front yard.

  • Vienna Groom

    Winter Fun... Lol I should do this snowman with my kids

  • Gabrielle Wilhelm

    Must remember this next winter. too funny, the kids would love this!

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Snowman making contest! Draw straws to pick the judge. Give points based on the integrity of the snowman (shouldn't be able to push it over), creativity (snowzombie apocalypse anyone?), and presentation (is there grass in the snowman?). Contestants have until the beginning of the party until the Sutter Home wine runs out!

If it snows this year I'm so doing this! Upside down snowman..yup

Feed me your child. This is at least as good as the Jane Doe for Halloween idea!

omg! i was litteraly thinking in my head " i wonder how old that kid is now? and if he's still cute? and if he eats bannas like a monkey?" like ten minutes ago!

upside down snowman ! make snowman kits for kids gifts using recycled items, milk jug lids, pop lids, dollar store hat, gloves and scarf, paint lids with craft paint add glitter for a bit of sparkle and package in a cute little snowman bag with drawing. cute a fun little gift.

these little guys are just so adorable. Great idea for a Christmas cake!

Buzz Cut. Use the long pointed ends from the solar lights as eyes and nose. They stick in far and won't fall off like stones if the weather turns a little milder. Wondering if you could spray paint a banana slicer black and use it for the teeth.

Add a little color to your winter games with a little food coloring and water. It’s a great outdoor activity for the kids.

fromcrybdr (Flickr) "Snowman, March 2008 So, I made this snowman on Saturday March 22nd. He was about 8 feet tall when I finished with him. Over the past few days he has started to lean to his right side. I thought it would be funny to take a picture as if he was looking around the tree in my front yard. He seems scared or sad......maybe he knows his fate. I don't think he'll make it past Tuesday."

Thats awesome. I know what IM doing next time it snows.

Snowman... it's not likely we'll ever have this much snow, but still this is a pretty great snowman!