Another reason Amy & Rory = <3. Go be awesome and kill things together in high romantic style.

i want a rory williams...

Don't get me wrong, Amy's and Rory's waiting periods were totally different—Rory spent 2000 years as a plastic soldier, witnessing history, while Amy spent 36 years alone with killer robots—but this made me laugh!

The Time of the Doctor

"I'd forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe." Rory was the best though. We need more Rory Williams

"Rory Pond is comfortable knowing that rigid and sexist gender roles are certainly not attractive."

Time Lord approved

-It was really the most important question to find an answer to, in order to properly portray him.

"The navigation system's knackered, but you'll have much more fun."

Steampunk Doctor Who Time Lord Necklace

12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords I think I have already pinned this, but I am pinning it anyways.

The age of The Doctor...this is awesome cause it really shows you his time line and I totally forgot that he had spent so much time fighting in trenzalor. Longer then the time war.

This a million times this

Darn good question... and she can fly the TARDIS.

Blaming yourself to yourself for being that is meta.

Mind blown

OH MY GOSH! It all makes since

The Time Lords are the Weeping Angels theory?? Heart broken!!

Amy + Rory = the best love story in the space time continuum

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It's been said that the writers aren't going to forget that we've seen the 12th Doctor in both Doctor Who and Torchwood...