Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Makeup before & after…wait for it.

Nobody MOVE!!


Prince Charles Is Tired To Wait



I'm dying


saving a sheep #faithinhumanityrestored

What does the giraffe say<<< you know when a cat is making that sound as she watches birds out side of a window? It's nothing like that. Forget I said anything.

Happy Pets - They do feel the same feelings we do, and they are especially happy when humans finally "get it". I have a cat who very clearly ups her happiness when I show her that I understand what she wants me to do. We just need the effort. Loneliness (they feel it too) is one emotion they really want us to help them with.

I don't know why, but this makes me so happy.

When she found out how wool was made she was happy to be sheared. | 34 Reasons To Fall In Love With Maisie, The Inspirational Lamb

happy sheep day! hahahahaha i dont know why this photo is so funny but i laughed for like 10 minutes after looking at it :D lmfbo

walking the sheep...