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    Wait for it...

    Wait what?......

    Wait for it...

    I probably laughed too hard at this... lol

    Nobody MOVE!!

    Prince Charles Is Tired To Wait

    I'm dying

    Really, Disney? Wait this is a real show I thought that you where kidding trin.

    Happy Pets - They do feel the same feelings we do, and they are especially happy when humans finally "get it". I have a cat who very clearly ups her happiness when I show her that I understand what she wants me to do. We just need the effort. Loneliness (they feel it too) is one emotion they really want us to help them with.

    Parrot pose

    The Happiest Cat You Will Ever See. Wish this would go viral like grumpy cat. The happy cat makes me smile.

    Deep thoughts waiting to order my food.

    This happy animal exists...

    Seriously love this girl!!! Totally watched this....she spotted MD's and had somebody go get her a happy meal❤


    This just made my day!

    (KO) Waiting for Mom to find the enormous mess he made in the kitchen. He plans to hit the doggie door running and then head for the hills. He'll wait until she's had enough time to get mad, clean it up, and start to find the whole thing hilarious. That's his best bet. If she's still mad he's going to wait for Dad to come home and throw himself upon the mercy of the Daddy.

    My boyfriend, Will Ferrell

    Daydreaming - - - - Please Wait