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If you think untangling shoelaces is complicated, it’s nothing compared to untangling and deciphering the mess of wires and cables your computer use

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VoIP SIP Trunking Explained [Infographic]

yaro donchenko fraud Presently, Yaro Donchenko is in charge of ASTA Captial Incorporated. Their whereabouts reaches 5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor, New You'll be able to, NY 10001 and started last 2007. The business basically handles buying and selling on emerging telecommunications market all over the world.


5 Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP (Infographic)

#Cloud #VoIP #infographic

As technology develops further, so does the way in which we communicate with one and other. Telecommunication have come a long way since their humble


How Big Is the Internet? Bigger than Humanity

The Internet of Things | #Infographic repinned by @Piktochart | Create yours at

Evolution of mobile communication systems over the years

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Une infographie sur l'évolution de l'internet mobile (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G)

Evolution of the 4G #infografia #infographic #internet

Researchers in the US have successfully teleported information encoded into particles of light over 100 kilometres of optical fibre, smashing the previous distance record of 25 km! #STEM #Infographic on quantum teleportation.

Ciena - Infographic: The history of optical and Ethernet - Overview | 40 Years of Ethernet | Light Reading Any timeline that ends with a cake has got to be worth sharing, but that's not the only reason we like this celebration of 40 years of Ethernet -- running it alongside optical networking developments tells a very neat story.

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Infografiek: de geschiedenis van communicatie

Ik vond deze infografiek via Larry Ferlazzo (lang geleden trouwens dat ik er een plaatste).

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What SIP Trunking is and Why You Need It

What SIP Trunking is – SIP Trunking is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It is for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media.

Where is the Internet? #infografia #infographic #internet

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Wi-Fi: Die Evolution von 1985 bis heute. (Screenshot: dlink)

The evolution of WiFi #infografia #infographic #internet

Cloud for Dummies: What is The Cloud? "Some experts consider that cloud computing has became mainstream. But I think the fact is the otherwise. While it’s true that cloud technologies are advancing at lighting speed, the rest of us – especially non-techie – are still struggling answering the “what is the cloud” question. Yet, most of us are using cloud-based tools, whether we realize it or not."


The World’s 6 Most Extreme Wi-Fi Hotspots #infographic

The World’s 6 Most Extreme Wi-Fi Hotspots #infographic #Wifi #Technology #Internet