Have to have it. Precision Outback Savannah Dog House with Porch

A dog house with a porch. Big enough for 1 solar panel!! Hehe

The Lodge - This and several other really cool dog house ideas

Just to clarify... This is not my dream house, but this dog house would be at my dream house for my puppy :) lol

What about this raised dog bed for somewhere over a garden in the backyard for big girl being able to hang out by herself out there!

For the basement.possibly 1st floor

What a great dog house. Can go inside if they want, or out on the porch if they want and still contained without having to be on a chain. Plus no mud when it rains.

TV Dog Bed

Build Your Own Dog Run | How to Build a Dog Run With Attached Doghouse : How-To : DIY Network

How about this for a dog house?

I think I'd like this in the garage and I'll need some kind of stool or table for Gavin. Maybe removable.

Boomer & George Stair Case Dog House with Heater - Dog Houses at Dog Houses...I think this is cute but I'd never have the money to do this for my dog...he can just sleep with me in my bed.

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