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Ah, my feminist years - before I learned that all formal political groups are only interested in my position on matters of importance if it matches their platform. Any group that makes you follow the 'party line' with no deviatian is not good.

Started this 30 day crunch challenge... I already do 90 to 120 with my regular workout routine so just adding these on. so that at the end of the month will be at 250 instead of 150! =)

One of the first stops on that trip would be to say g’day to Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles. I’m a fan not only of the restrained and subtle sense of style he applies to his handmade frames, but also of his courageous spirit. He recently received a simple brief from Cory which must have read along these lines: make it tall and capable of carrying two six-packs of well-crafted beer. Read more:

6 Things Kids Need To See Their Dad Doing

When you become a dad, you become a larger-than-life super-man, an expert on everything from fixing bicycles to Jedi mind control. Dads are pretty high up on the totem pole. Because of that, kids see everything they do and try to mimic it. Dads have the power to really impact and shape little beings. Read on as eBay shares six things that all kids, whether young or old, should see their dads doing.

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