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i really like the minamilist side of this brand identity. i like the use of black and white and i really like the flowing type. its nice how the logo has been put on all of the utensils so you can see what brand it is.

Now to find out what tune this would be. I have thought about doing this with a song from church. I think It would be beautiful. not the whole song of course, and I'd want someone who actually knew music to do the tattoo or to be right there making sure the person didn't mess up

Rodopa meat packing company logo by late Bulgarian graphic artist Stefan Kanchev

Stuck In Your Head - 11x17" Poster Print

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The design of this logo is cool because the texture that the surrounding design poses. Also the array of colors make it seem 3D.

These images and quote super-imposed on a copy of lyrics to a favorite song . . . .hmmm. . .