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Mary Ellen Mark's photography is not only eye opening but it brings you to tears. THIS is what I would like to do. Open the eyes of the people that sit in their homes and have never been to another country and really see what poverty is.

Steve McCurry / Outsiders, India...I would take it that these are women are considered "the untouchables" It still goes on in a lot of rural communities today.

"When I am alone, I can become invisible." "I can sit on top of a dune, as motionless as an uprise of weeds, until the foxes run by unconcerned." "I can hear the almost unhearable sound of the roses singing." -Mary Oliver

"Andy", homeless in Miami, Florida, US by Lee Jeffries on 500px HomeLessNess, Sans Abris, Obdachlos, Senza Dimora, Senza Tetto, Poverty, Pobreza, Pauvreté, Povertà, Hopeless, JobLess, бідність, Social Issues, Awareness

«Αν θέλουμε να έχουμε ήρωες πολιτικούς και φιλοσόφους, πρέπει ν' αποχτήσουμε μορφωμένες γυναίκες.»!!!!!!!!!

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Images recovered 100 years later show German soldiers during WWI

Carnage: Amid the appalling devastation and bodies of dead soldiers, a crucifix stands tall - miraculously preserved from the shell fire. The powerful image was captured after a bloody skirmish in 1917 - and Walter's son Volkmar says: 'This photograph is like an accusation - an accusation against war'

Jaipur, India Such a big, but pretty, head covering for a little boy. He has such a plaintive expression.

In a 200 year-old custom, the Chin ethnic minority group in Myanmar would give their daughters elaborate facial tattoos to ward off attacks from neighboring princes who would often try to kidnap girls to be concubines. The women in picture was one of the last to receive the groups markings, which has now died out.