• Lindsay Lanham

    Jessie Pavelka...I like Ian for CG but this man is like he walked from the pages of the book!!! He even has the red hair....

  • Shanda Strutz

    Yeah yeah yeah I know Ive already put my two cents in about Christian Grey but Jessie Pavelka is perfect in his red room of pain jeans. YIKES! fifty-obsession-s fifty-obsession-s

  • Jack Mier

    Manday Hotties - December 3rd 2012 – Monday Mancandy Madness with five hotties as a special holiday treat! | Felicity Heaton – Paranormal Romance Author / ELROD

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I don't know who this is, but he looks the part. Who is this?

So, mostly I hate Ian Somerhalder, because of Lost. I hated Boone, and he just seems to have Boone's douchey quality. But, seeing this pic for the first time, I can understand why ppl think he would make a good CTG.

Colin Egglesfield. I don't know anything about this guy, but saw this pic of him, and thought, perfection.

RDJ. C'mon...I know he's too old to play Christian, but just imagine him with whips and canes and ....etc. :) Hot, right??? :)

Alexander Skarsgaard...more like, ASkars in Eric Northman mode :)

Steven Gantt

Jessie Pavelka