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This dress works for this women, because she has a summer skin tone, which means that she has light eyes and she tans easy. The dress is an overall pink, which can be a little to much, but with the grey sweater she has, it accents the dress and makes it calming and seem sweet.

How to Hang a Sweater without stretching out the shoulders. I love this tip-I like to keep my sweater hanging so my closet is more organized and I can see my options when picking out clothes!

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH. Nautical stripes + fantastic casual jacket + the BEST SKIRT EVER OMG I ADORE THE PATTERN AND THE DARK RED COLOR. So, uh, I need to own this ENTIRE OUTFIT pretty much, though I have shirts and jackets that are similar enough to work. BASICALLY I NEED THAT SKIRT LIKE BURNING. <3

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