Use a mop holder to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door....this is pure genius!!!

Magazine file inside cupboard door for foil and parchment. Simple.

BRILLIANT! Use 3M Command Hooks to Organize Measuring Cups & Spoons Inside Cabinet

Genius! Uses that dead space in the closet and keeps it really easily accessible... MUST DO!

Flip wire shelves upside down for cans. brilliant.

Tank Top Space Saver- Simply use a hanger and shower curtain rings. Easy! Get the hanger from your closet, and the curtain rings from your local dollar store. Saves drawer and closet space!

Spice racks so nothings on the counter!

Creative way to store and organize food in pantry or cabinet

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

Mason jar with votive cup holder for bathroom such a smart idea

Re-purposed old rake ~ hang your cooking utensils. I love this!!

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Magazine racks are great for can storage. | Community Post: 42 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Organization ideas. Specifically like the dish soap and hand towel stored behind the cabinet door. I love the spice rack on the inside of the door....

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pot rack cabinet...I already keep my pots/pans in a corner cabinet; too bad we're renters and we can't tweak it to work like this!

i have a feeling this is what my spice "rack" will look like.

kitchen cabinet organizing.

Space-Saving Ideas for Making Room in the Kitchen: Shelving space inside Sarah and John's wall-mounted cabinets is maximized with stackable wire racks. The racks come in different heights and widths, and they allow various sizes of plates to be stacked neatly within the same cabinet. From