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Upgrade a Wall Outlet to Charge USB Devices

Replace your wall outlets with USB charging versions.

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Lose Something? These Tiny Stickers Will Find It

Lose something? These tiny Bluetooth StickNFind stickers will find it! (Anything from your keys to your cat!)

A soldier watches as a Tarantula Hawk (T-Hawk) Micro Remote Piloted Air System (RPAS) hovers over the desert in Afghanistan.

The Iron Man of Firefighting Imagine climbing upwards of a grueling 50 flights of stairs while wearing 30 pounds of gear. That’s the reality for many high-rise firefighters. A little help would be nice, right?! That’s where the AFA Powered Exoskeleton comes in. Strapped over the firefighter’s gear, the device provides supplemental muscle to aid performance in walking, running and carrying up to 200 lbs.. Enough to carry equipment or even injured victims in time-crucial emergency situations.

[The suspension] improves the robot's mobility over rough and uneven terrain. The technological enhancement enables faster transit speeds, climbing of very steep slopes, improved heading control, greater accommodation of debris entering the suspension and reduced impact forces on carried payloads.

10 Fantastic Futuristic Materials that Actually Exist [ ] #new #avionics #technology




Folding backpack bicycle // Hike uphill, ride downhill! Awesome! I want one! #product_design /

Ekso Bionics began as Berkeley Bionics in 2005, and early military cooperation helped the firm produce the HULC, a militarized version of the exoskeleton designed to help able-bodied soldiers tirelessly lug heavy payloads through rugged terrain.

WaterWear backpack eases the strain of water transport.

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Air Force Accidentally Fills Entire Hangar with Foam

there is a foam party in the hanger!