• Oliver Euler

    Max Ernst #maxernst #art #surrealism

  • Age Hill

    Sacred Conversation collage by Max Ernst, 1921

  • Adelaidebeatrice Laing

    'Santa Conversazione' (1921) by German Surrealist artist Max Ernst (1891-1976). collage (fragments of images from encyclopedias, commercial catalogues and photographs). via the blog Art of Collage

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Edwina Booth drying her hair!

Geared up _ Pillowig by Joo Youn Paek

Mask used for radium treatment of cancer of the head and neck. These masks were used in the 1920’s and were custom made for each patient.

Ki Ki "The Man Monkey" sideshow attraction from "The Foolish House" at the midway on Venice c. 1904.

Moon’s path. 1888 1889.

Man Ray

Bauhaus Fotografie


// The Pickle Sisters

Two artificial noses, 17th-18th century... for end stage Syphilis...nose cartilage deterioration...

Jugend 1896

COSMIC ANATOMY // by Plástica , via Behance #illustration #collage #anatomy #cosmic

Carved alligator skull. Incredible.

Peggy Guggenheim

A 2500-year-old mummy with tattoos

Kodama by Gimpbeast A kodama (木魂?) is a spirit from Japanese folklore, which is believed to live in certain trees (similar to the Dryad of Greek myth). Cutting down a tree which houses a kodama is thought to bring misfortune, and such trees are often marked with shimenawa rope.

Shoe Face

Shoe Face



Cocoon dress by Hussein Chalayan, glass headpiece by Emi Fujita for Chalayan

Bat Skeleton

Anatomical Model Brainstem Dr Auzoux - Phisick | Medical Antiques

Edwardian era: Girl at the fair, Paris 1910

Annabell The Haunted Doll Annabelle was the focus of a case that famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren took part in during the early 1970's and is highlighted in the book The Demonologist. It has been stated that this is one of the most unusual cases of a possessed object on record.