Omg. These "relatable posts" and "teenager posts" tell the story of my life.

True that...

Haha, how about in shape for any time of year.

Very true

Am I the only one that does this?

So true.

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Awkward Moments With Dora And 2-Hour Long Hugs

So true!!!!

We thought someone was visiting our (extremely small) class today but he never came and it was like this

Hahaha so true!

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So true!!

Funny tumblr post


4-panel Life : This one really brings me back..

This is true of all of us sometimes.

4 panel life comic by Jen Jen Rose.


I have an amazing husband!! Mark did cry. So did I. What happens that day doesn't matter. All that matters is my husband and I. Can't wait until we redo our Day.

So true haha