Diabetic Dreams


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Diabetes Sticker.

Type 1 Diabetes Memes


T1D ~type1diabetes

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A cure for diabetes <3

I love a child with Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes) and I am so proud of him for staying strong and going about his life as best he can in spite of having to deal with all the struggles of T1D.

The 25 Most Awkward Times to be a Type 1 Diabetic (every single one is true!)

this is how i feel everytime someone gives me an odd look if i eat a cookie or something sweet...



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Except I was 3 so I don't remember what it was like... I can only dream about it

we need a cure! Type 1 diabetes

Omg so true!

So true, now if only I had a drawing of what goes on in a D mom's head...