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Get a white ink tattoo - I'm pretty sure all of my tattoos will be white ink because they're for me to know and I want a professional job.

I Would Cry..... But I Would Be Worth It

Did this in highschool and read the letter a year ago! It's a good thing I married my highschool sweetheart! The majority of the letter was about the LOVE of my life!

with my best friend.

So far been to Ohio Pennsylvania West Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Kentucky and Florida

I was told by a certified trainer just yesterday I'm there. Just not on a "by the books" definition

i will have a sexy body by the time my husband comes home from his deployment ! I will be working out at my Aunts base all the time . i have to in order to feel good bout myself .

Check- thanks to Josh and Michelle. I saw Greenlei being born...absolutely amazing.

bucket list: witness a miracle. Check, done! The miracle of life!


Wake up on January next to the one I love .before I die: CHECK!

Your Bucket List.

i wish people wrote letters. i love letters. someone write me a letter. and send it by snail mail.

Have people Remember my name.

"Give people a reason to remember my name." This is my absolute number one dream. But for a good reason lol.

Spontaneously throw a dart, pack,  and leave to explore the area where the dart landed.

People's Bucket Lists Pictured In Inspiring Photography [12 Pics]

throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.I think this is a great idea, unless I don't like where it lands. When I turn I'm buying a map.