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Yes, I know it's a fence. But those curls would look really cool in a wire pendant with gemstones or beads attached/dangling.

vines over French doors give way to a beautiful garden hideaway

Menara, Marrakech, MA, Riad Kaiss Courtyard

A 19th-Century Town House Earned With Patience A Chelsea Town House Worth the Wait The master bedroom and bath open to the garden with a nifty sliding glass wall

love this secret garden look. any vine plant will attach to surface and grow around. beautiful

This represents the type of forest I'd like surrounding my home. Bush fires be damned.

I think I can figure out what makes this one secret... The hush that comes over one who is contemplating going through the gate and venturing into the seductive darkness just beyond the shock of light green...That is a secret place for sure... where any number of magical, secretive, breathtaking things may occur! and. . . when you return you must keep the secrets!!!

Athelhampton House in Dorset From Anguskirk's photostream: "Athelhampton is one of the finest 15th century manor houses and is surrounded by one of the great architectural gardens of England."

Entertaining Night Garden. The enclosed feel of this small urban garden has been transformed using an asymmetrical layout with architectural planting to keep the eye within the garden space, and multiple surfaces to provide variety. A small lawn is packed with spring-flowering Crocus to give an extra burst of colour.

Garden sculpture and architecture...