Every operating system has its own hidden quirks that aren't obvious at first, only way to usually find them is to read the manual but really no one ever reads the manual thoroughly. When you buy a Mac, you aren't even given a manual in the box, you have to go find it on Apple's support site. The Mac has always had some awesome tricks that not everyone knows. Here are some not so obvious things you can do with your Mac. 1. Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar brings up the full emoji keyboard. 2. Cmd…

Dell's revised XPS 15 includes gorgeous Infinity display, Windows 10computex 2015, xps 15 2015, xps 13 2015

Platinum Edition Brushed Steel with Rose Gold/Copper Edge Detailing Hybrid Hard Case for Apple Macbook Air & Mac Pro 13 Retina, Macbook 12

The original gum drop #iMac, an iconic machine in Apple’s history. This iMac really signified the rebirth of Apple under Steve Jobs in the late ’90s. Introduced in 1998. #SimplyMac #Apple

Tree and birds -- Mac Decal Mac Sticker Macbook Decals Macbook Stickers Vinyl Decal for Apple Laptop Macbook Pro / Macbook Air / iPad

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