3d shapes

3d shapes Posters

3-Dimensional Shape Poster that younger children can relate to! :D It was a hit in our classroom!

Free Teaching 3D Shapes Song Printable for Preschool and Kindergarten

3D Shapes Free Activities: a great pack of four super fun activities for learning about 3D shapes (solids). Sure to get the kids engaged in learning!

Will use this sheet to record (draw) the 3D shapes they find in the classroom-fun!

Teacher friends - I've seen a lot of 3-D shape pins recently but can't remember who was pinning. I liked this free worksheet and thought you might, too. (Whoever you are!) Peterson's Pad: Shapin' Up

3D Shapes Freebie

easy to learn shapes. great for playing memory/matching games

3-D Geometry Models on SALE for $6.49! Great math tool! Hands-on materials help students understand 3-D shapes, volume, and geometry proofs. EveryLanguageLearner.com

3D Shape Poem

SOLID SHAPES {A COMMON CORE GEOMETRY UNIT} - My students LOVED the posters and the worksheets were amazing for practice and homework.

3D Shapes and its properties. I will use later as we go more into depth of the 3D shapes

This is a winter hat theme graphing shapes activity for your Kindergarten students.  It's a wonderful math activity for any winter month.  Download it for free.

10 Activities for Describing 3D Shapes in Kindergarten (K.G.3)

3D shapes chart free printable chart. The information for each shape is color-coded for easy student reference. Just download and print the document, cut the pieces apart, and you will be ready to glue them onto chart paper.

FREE Sorting Shapes Practice Pages- Both 2-d and 3-d (Soli

3D shapes

Working with 3D Shapes

FREE 3D shapes mini-unit

Tons of ideas for geometry bin! 3-D shape ideas galore! need this!