Definitely want this picture...but everyone's going to have crazy awesome shoes ...because it's my wedding...there HAS to be good shoes!

I like this idea with the groom with the girls flowers behind him and the bride with the guys behind her

the dress and the shoes together... very cool shot!

love! Such a great idea! I kinda want to do this!

Church window and veil shot ! So romantic

framed wedding vows

Yellow shoes!

Yellow Themed Wedding

I like this idea

Love this shot!


Bride wears shoes the color of bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen wear socks in the same color. Very cute idea!


Fun idea

Bride and groom

What a cute idea!...Wedding Shoe Personanlized Vinyl Decal by by MemoriesinaSnapPhoto, $3.00 my-future-wedding

Yellow shoes

Shoe picture at the bottom!

yellow wedding shoes

Wedding Pics - seriously, who wants a photo of a ring and their wedding shoes? If you're spending lots of money on a professional photographer, don't you wanna be IN the pics?

yellow shoes