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  • Judy Copple

    {Just a little heart attack} symptoms of a heart attack that were overlooked as "just gas" last year. I am glad they are making videos like this to educated women. That and... how many of you can relate to this ladies day? Glad they are finding a semi-humorous way to get people informed!

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Heart Attack symptoms can vary from Men to Women. They may be sudden & intense or subtle & mild. Call 911 or go to your nearest ER if you experience any of these symptoms!!

Heart Attack Signs for Women Men and women may differ in their experience of heart attack symptoms. For men, the most common sign of a heart attack is pain or pressure in the chest. Women are more likely than men to have unusual or atypical signs of a heart attack. Some of these symptoms may come and go.

Heart attacks symptoms are different for women. Everyone should know these things.

Go Red for Women - Learn the facts and inform women to save lives!

Repin if you're wearing red today to raise awareness of #heart disease in women. You know we are! #health #women

Heart attack symptoms in women are likely to be different than those experienced by men. Women have common symptoms of pain or pressure in the chest, but several less obvious symptoms.

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Men w/ high cholesterol, listen up, you're > 3X more likely to have a heart attack than woman w/ high cholesterol. A new study conducted in Norway. Researchers analyzed health information from nearly 45,000 people who underwent blood tests as part of a national survey in the 1990s. All were 60 years and younger at the start. 23,525 women and 20,725 men were then followed for about a dozen years. During the monitoring period, over 500 men had heart attacks, while just 157 women had one.

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