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  • Nicole Rose

    leica photo photography inspiring beautiful this camera

  • Gruffy 1000

    Silver | 銀 | Plata | Gin | Argento | Cеребро | Argent | Metal | Chrome | Metallic | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition | Photography |

  • Adrian Co

    tumblr mj3ygeoz1j1qkegsbo1 5001 30 Outstanding Examples of Gear and Gadget Photography

  • Jenny Davis

    Wishlist : Silver LEICA Camera... isn't it beautiful!

  • Carrie Probst

    leica camera - I didn't know about these. A friend told me about one he was going to purchase and I gave him grief that it was "Like-A Canon" ... I guess it is a real product and not a knock-off.

  • Alysh Lynch

    As someone working for a fashion magazine, I will need constant inspiration. I would use a camera like this to snap photos of street style, and other things that catch my eye!

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kiev ii {lei ju:n see, like y^ t(en t(en, & like ppl inside the y^ t(en t(en }

Leic IIIC + 8,5cm f/1.5 Summarex

Leica. It just looks so well made. And so good at the same time.

buy an amazing camera and take 1000s of photos every where i go and make photo albums of my life so they can be passed down through my family

These cameras are so nice looking, absolutely perfect/classic design

One day I will own a Leica.

I have always been a fan of photogray. I took a class in tenth grade and loved it. I was a TA for that class later the next year. All of my work was done in 35mm film so i learned how to develop the film and make photos. It was really a fun experiance.