Amazing wildlife - White.faced Scops Owl photo #owls

With Mama Owl

Barred Eagle Owl, Asia

Owl eye

Asian Brown Wood Owl

Crested Owl

Albino screech owl

Barred Owl blending in the background/ the same great God that created the heavens and the earth and that form the little guys eyes, had a plan before He created the world to save every individualthat would trust and believe in His Son Jesus Christ

Barn Owl ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends V" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/fowl-feathered-friends-v/


No words needed.


Tree owl. Such cool animals.

Owl Owl Owl

Love owls

Baby Owl

How is it that owls can look vicious and cute all at the same time?

Owly says keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed ............