50 Qualities of the Best Business Blogs in the World #businessdevelopment

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This is an excellent home made video about McDonald's, one of the largest multinational corporations and how it came to be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKVxOzpHhLE

This website contains information about the effects of globalisation on multinational corporations. http://www.ehow.com/info_8229550_effects-globalization-multinational-corporations.html

Infographic – 5 Languages for International Business | It explores the top 5 languages for international business, of which Spanish is one. It also aims to offer an in-depth look into the development of the languages, their global reach, and the industries in whose exports to the rest of the world they play a major role.

Business Etiquette around the world - Good to know with your international business clients!

It's always good to know the business etiquette of other cultures for when you travel. Global Business Etiquette: Asia

International Relations vs. International Business

Apply for various Online Business & Management courses including Online Masters, Bachelors, PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificate university degree courses.

The Best Ways to Find Jobs Abroad if You're Itching to Travel--- 5 tips on how to put yourself into the international business world. With the business opportunities offered increasing around the globe, now is the time to broaden your horizons and jump into international business.

Google+ For Business - Infographic


Accounting Degree Program

50 Pinterest Resources for Small Business Owners, Bloggers and Job Seekers- Loved & pinned by http://www.shivohamyoga.nl/ #business #marketing

14 Tools To Help You Add Images For Your Social Media Posts | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Build Blog Posts Like Building Blocks - blogging is like other types of writing (and teaching) in that you need an overall structure to work within.

Small Business Social Media Use

Linkedin Infograph

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business

Great infographic about content marketing on @mashable.

64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics (best yet!)