Lol! (this tumblr has nothing but David Tennant "hey girl" memes... so much better than Ryan Gosling.)

David Tennant and kittens. (GIF)

Hey Jude

Well...It's lovely to look at...

Hey who turned out the lights?? @Anna Freiling

AND THE GEEKY TEACHER GODS SMILED UPON ME! I would have gone with a Who pic, but I'll take what I can get! lol #BVLGARI #cartier #gucci #hermes #pandora #Tiffanyco #linksoflondon

David Tennant - Like A Boss

David Tennant + Hey Girl Meme = Awesome :)


Hey beautiful

No one that looks like that should ever change!

"I was in Walmart and I saw a guy who looked like the Tenth Doctor. So I stalked him through Produce, got close to him and nervously asked, 'Mr. Tennant?'" david tennant will take photos with fans in walmart



I would like to see that....

David Tennant

wibbly wobbly

I think i'm the Doctor playing me. Maybe we are all the Doctor in different parts of his life. ~A.E.B~

Doctor Who: A brief introduction.

Yes, it does.