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    Lol! (this tumblr has nothing but David Tennant "hey girl" memes... so much better than Ryan Gosling.)

    Hehe "ruffle David Tennant's hair" would be on my whovian bucket list! Love it "I'm just glad I'm sitting behind a desk right now. That was exciting." ;)

    David Tennant and kittens. (GIF)

    Haha, David Tennant


    David Tennant

    hey girl with nathon philion : )

    David Tennant Always Does It Better

    David Tennant

    10Th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

    David Tennant. This. Picture.

    Oh, thank you David. perfect. because I'm working late at the library tonight ha ha

    David+Tennant+Doctor+Who+Memes | Doctor Who/David Tennant

    Jonathon Ross: "Does it annoy you that people call you 'Doctor Who?' Because you’re not 'Doctor Who,' You’re 'The Doctor.'" David Tennant: "Yeah...yeah. He’s not 'Doctor Who'. The character is called 'The Doctor.' The show is called 'Doctor Who.' The show is a question. The title of the show is a question." Jonathon Ross: "You are becoming a fan boy." David Tennant: "I’m sorry, I always was." ♥

    David Tennant + Hey Girl Meme = Awesome :)

    Time Lord Pick Up Line

    David Tennant,

    The gift of perfect tshirts.

    Well...It's lovely to look at...

    “Eat, Sleep, Who” Doctor Who T-Shirt | Men's, Women's, and Kid's Sizes from Boots Tees.

    Why thank you, David Tennant