Lol! (this tumblr has nothing but David Tennant "hey girl" memes... so much better than Ryan Gosling.). I cracked up laughing, but love it still

Fright Night David Tennant

Tardis wooden box

David Tennant and kittens. (GIF)

Hey who turned out the lights?? @Anna Freiling

Haha the doctor

I want to print this out and hang it by my mirror, so that way every day I can have the Doctor tell me I'm beautiful ;)

please please please

This may be the greatest picture ever

His face. His hair. His everything!

The "Hey, Girl" to rule them all.

Allons-y! Dr. Who

as if we needed more reason to love him!

"Hey, I'm the Doctor! I can save the universe with a kettle and some string and look at me! I'm wearing a vegetable!"

David Tennant is Best Bookmark

Last one I swear I just can't believe this is a thing!!

david tennant witha kittie your argument is invalid.

david tennant

David Tennant why are you so adorable?

David Tennant - Doctor Who/ Harry Potter reference!!!!!! :D awesome! -Well? comment the answer -The Saint