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These look messy... but idk why I like them! I guess its a good messy. #dreadlocks #ashlikesthis :: #dreadstop

I gotta add some pink to my hair... Maybe some extensions to fatten stuff up?

Beautiful dreaded hair. Whenever my hair gets tangly and huge, it doesn't look as awesome as this. :-(

In maybe 3-4 years?..... I'll be able to use em as a scarf! Or a hat! Or a blanket!

Dreds!!! Love em. i need a pair of skinny jeans to wear under a skirt. that would be cool

Classy up-do. Good for going to weddings or other formal events.

Beautiful stranger by k.johannajoyce, via Flickr :: #dreadstop

I'm one of those people who think dreads are rad as heck (on the right person.) #noshame :: #dreadstop

Some people can pull of dreads...some people can't. I certainly couldn't but they look so good and cool!

Why? Because I want to remember how ancient my ties to the Earth are.

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