The Dark Prince


Vintage ballet. Darci Kistler and Robert LaFosse. Sheer artistry.

Gary Oldman es Drácula Versión de Francis Ford Coppola (1992)


Merida and joseph


Honest Abe....vampire splitter

Snow White + Prince

The drowning prince


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Bat detail on a crypt door, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France. Perfect. I've always thought that if vampires were real, many would call this cemetery home. :)

The Vampire Bat

A Clutch of Vampires. Cover art by Edward Gorey.

I've heard it said that wild animals can smell the blood from a womans period. Obviously this lion misunderstood what that meant for him when he came hunting for an easy meal.

Dracula's Bloodline

Anne Stokes

blood lust

Max Irons-The White Queen

I can't help it. I have an addiction to bloody pics.