The Dark Prince


"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf." (Lana Turner)

Dark Kiss

There it stood, the kings castle.....This is where it would end I knew in this battle I would die, but I had to do it......I had to end the war...the dark side...all of it...

Anne Stokes art

This has me thinking so fast...

This Armored Lady Won The Longsword Competition At a World Invitational Tournament


A Vampires Story by BlackCocktail via deviantART

Tres chic. Also showing the latest in coffins.

The Creepy Gorgeous Fantasy Art of Jeff Simpson--spot on for the Tapestry walker I envision for the second novel in my series.

Dragon Witch Asiria

Foto de familia (botijo 1924) Amor y botijo eterno. (Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992, de Francis Ford Coppola, con Winona Ryder y Gary Oldman) via


rose sat down next to the lonely soul. "the mad hatter...that's what people call me." he whispered. rose looked at him and gently touched his hand. "i don't think you're mad." he gave her a sad smile, "well you would be the first."

by Serge Birault


i just cant get enough..

Broken by ~NovemberxNight