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IKEA Cardboard Digital Camera

IKEA's cardboard camera

#1 its photography, not magic #2 i want you to see it through my eye #3 im digital so if you don't like it, take another shot can you add another?

LightMeter App | Designer: Anton Repponen

IKEA: Bathroom From the outside it looked exactly like a chemical toilet but once inside, visitors were actually stepping in into a bigger room, 20 square meters of a clean bathroom space all furnished and maintained by IKEA.

Is photography dead?

Is photography dead?
Mashablefrom Mashable

Is Photography Dead? A History From Early Cameras to Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is photography dead?

Tear and Share USB Key - You just need to tear off a tab and take the handy USB Drive on the go with you! Crafted essentially from 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp, this economical, credit-card-sized data pack is fantastic! You can even write on the tab directly and label the drive! Designers : Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup

LYTRO ILLUM: The gorgeous product of our collaboration with Lytro, the first high-end camera that lets you capture and harness the power of light field, allowing you to create living pictures.