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Essa casa é de um fabricante acostumado com residências em árvores, a empresa alemã Baumraum. Ela fica em um espaço de exposição/parque de diversões, e saúda os visitantes com seu corpo curvilíneo empoleirado em pernas super finas estilo “aranha”. Além da forma inusitada, possui um monte de outros recursos interessantes.

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Beautiful Tree Houses Around the World (5 Photos) | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

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treehouse interior ideas | treehouse treehouse treehouse

Casa na árvore.

Casa na árvore.
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Whimsical Wooden Tree House Brings Nature, Music to Life in Portland, Oregon

House Portland

Portland Oregon

Oregon Usa

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Casa na árvore.

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Apartamentos pequenos: 320 projetos de profissionais de CasaPRO

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67 M2

Quarto de casal de um apartamento de 67 m².

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13 Of The World’s Coolest Treehouses

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Luchbox Tree House, Texas#treehouse #baumhaus repinned by #smgtreppen

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Another 10 Truly Amazing Tree Houses

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Architect, artist, magician, Robert Harvey Oshatz is all of that and so much more. He is the organic architect responsible for this magnificent home up in the canopy; the coolest house in the trees that you will likely ever see. The unique Wilkinson Residence graces the wooded landscape outside of Portland, Oregon.

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Casa na arvore

Lost At E Minor: For creative peoplefrom Lost At E Minor: For creative people

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Leg Tree

Stick leg tree house. It's not exactly a "tree" house but it's really close and it's really cool!

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Tree House Hotel | Tree house hotel | Treehouses vRecommended by London Locksmiths

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A eco bamboo Tree House in Bali designed and hand-constructed by Elora Hardy .. for Sumant and Myriam Sharma and their four daughters ...Six stories, constructed (almost) entirely from bamboo treated with natural salt solution.

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NGS & Plant Heritage at Meon Orchard Hampshire

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Tribal Southwestern Aztec Scarf Spring Summer Women Accessory Gift For Her Woman Fashion Accessories Holiday Perfect Gifts Ideas For Her

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Fairy-tale tree house. Wait, nope. Due to truly brilliant comments below, this is now renamed GRYFFINDOR TOWER! I want to live in this tree house!!!

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