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Give me an old barn and a cool fall breeze… Give me a mountainside full of trees… Give me a moment where time stands still… Give me the wind on a Wyoming hill … Give me a horse to ride in that wind Show me that moment when the day will end… Blow over the prairies and blow over me… Breathe on my heart and capture me… I’m so far from home – A stranger you say? Then let’s get on that horse and ride away. -091102 lf

from Cheapflights

Photo tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photo tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Town Clock on Citadel Hill -Halifax Harbor in the background

View of Kamloops from Rose Hill -- Curated by: Desert City Security Inc. | 2277 Turnberry Place, Kamloops, Bc, V1S 1S8 | 250-828-8778

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visited Minneapolis, Minnesota several times on business with DH in the 70's.