may seem old fashion but still more personal than today's text messages ;p

These best book covers ever are from WaY before the 1990's! My mom, who was schooled in the ''50's-60's, taught me in the late 70's-'80's... But anyway, that stylish S doodle: I thought was only in MY high school, South High School (Torrance, CA). Did we start some trend in the mid-'80's?

talk about old school

Sooo true!!!

hindsight - haha so true!

So true!

Elementary school jump rope

I'm old enough to recall this.

true story.

Paper School Report Card

saddle shoes

I grew up in the 90's!

You were a kid of the 90's if... MASH. I still do this in classes when I am bored.

"55 things only 90's teenage girls will understand." I will ALWAYS remember the smell of Sunflowers.

Knuckle Destroyer..ahhh the good ol days!

OMG!! this is so true!!!

Very true. ROFL

memories :)

loves her