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18 Ways Your Mom Tortured You And Called It Love

When she made you be afraid of your own name. When I was little and growing up...definitely! Lol

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Life of a clumsy person

My life in one phrase....

I wore my joker shirt today and ran into a girl wearing a batman shirt. She and I stared at each other for the longest time....and then she said "this is my city" and I said "then prepare to watch it go up in flames". Best day ever lol

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17 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Have Pets

Lol the struggle is real (not for me I have a Pitbull and they are short haired. I want to get. A Great Dane or a Malamute of a German Shepherd or something though)


This is an awesome idea. LOL

This is an awesome idea. LOL | Funny Jokes, Quotes, Pictures, Video

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23 Pictures Literally Everyone Will Relate To

Lol!!!! It's so true!!!! #ItFoggedUpMyGlasses

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18 Extremely Disappointing Facts About “Healthy" Foods

Exactly!!! lol That's what Allie says about chex mix. Everything but the chex are obstacles.

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Top 40 Very Funny Friendship Quotes

Visiting Friends...This,is true Atleast for me


3.14 PIE, mind blown

Mind... Blown!Omg I Wonder If This Is Why They Named It Pie!! Lol