Woodland Restaurant | Brooklyn

Jamie’s Italian, Gatwick // Blacksheep | - They have industrial chic chairs that look like our Viktors! http://www.restaurantfurniture4sale.com/industrially-chic-restaurant-design-with-the-viktor.html

Locanda Verde | New York

Hally's - London, UK (cosy, café, cafeteria, coffee shop, coffeehouse, atmosphere, style)

Five Leaves | Brooklyn.

The Little Mule | Melbourne


Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

Reynards at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY -★-

Restaurant Kitchen

Luchetti Krelle completes atmospheric Sydney bar based on a New York loft

Restaurant Tables and Chairs

The cafe at Terrain at Westport.

how a restaurant should be done




Locanda Verde | New York

Raw wood, bentwood chairs. Marble bar. Wythe Hotel Williamsburg.

Industrial chairs in gunmetal (or silver) and black metal.

Khe-Yo | New York