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Golden wiggle! Starts at the head and goes through every square inch right to the tip of the tail. And sometimes right back to the head again.

“She said she wanted this and this and this from their relationship. When she was finished, he quietly asked if she was aware of how many times she had used the word “I” in the last two minutes. — JONATHAN CARROLL

“Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Imprinting (Baby-Duck- Syndrome). Growing up with christian parents make people act like christians, when they become adult. They are only able to break out, if they receive a conciousness of the real sense of their life. Hardly 10% of them will do it.

Pictures were such an ordeal back then; His owner must of had a lot of pride and love for his dog to want him photographed! #adorable

What did you do to my blanket little brother I did nothing I square and why do you still sleep with your blanket ab

looks similar to a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, but isn't. maybe Australian Shepherd??

Arrrrooooroooorooooo! I will greet you with the song of my people!

Aww, just too sweet for words. via: Dumpdaddy Psalm 68:6 God causes the lonely to dwell in families. He leads prisoners into prosperity, - How precious! :)

Fostering a tiny puppy for the SPCA. So so cute.

Too adorable... ♡... Re-pin by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.