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a very agreeable tattoo? THIS IS WHY WE GO TO SCHOOL, PEOPLE. let's all remember to spell-check the tattoo artist, please.

Loose petal red roses on forearm. Could almost pass as Poppy tattoo

What an inspiring idea for a post-mastectomy tattoo. Have your son or daughter write you a note and have that note tattooed. []

Love this. I have a tat on my foot I want to cover up. I am thinking a paisley print would be unique.

I'd love to have a tattoo like this! Classic animated blue birds & gorgeous pink roses

Final tattoo session for this poppies composition ! (two poppies are already healed, the upper ones are freshly inked) I design, draw and ink these tattoos, please respect the author AND the tattooed one, don’t copy.

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

Rose Tattoo. Love the idea of some shaded in and other roses look more antique ish and not colored in...does that make any kinda sense?!?! I see it in my head too bad I cant draw it out.

Better placement than I was thinking... Leaving more room for addition above and below.