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Pickled Brains - Cauliflower as a creepy Halloween hors d'oeuvre. Martha displayed this spook-tacular appetizer on a special Monster Buffet during her Halloween Monster Bash with Jimmy Fallon.

How cool! I want to bling out a skull! I have plenty of old jewelry and craft goodies!

Have a Chic Glam Halloween with this DIY skull decor with pearls and rhinestones!

Halloween Decoration Tutorial. Spooky Glowing Eyes Candle Holders by Cheltenham Road

Spooky Halloween Candle Tutorial

Halloween decoration skull skeleton goth creepy by MummersDream

A delicately positioned faerie skeleton. Put it in a tea cup, or in an old jar and sit it on a table. You could add a pin and

Make Plastic Cauldron Realistically Creepy

How to make a cheap plastic cauldron look old and spooky- by applying a oatmeal/sand/water/glue mixture & painting

Spider 1 - Corpsing a Cheap Plastic Spider :

Spider 1 - How To Corpse a Cheap Plastic Spider to Make a Realistic Arachnid Prop In this tutorial we take cheap plastic spiders then chop them up, glue them back together, corpse them and has instructions on how to make a haunted hotel sign to add to your outdoor Halloween decor.

How to Make a Haunted Hotel Sign for Halloween

Elegant, understated and a little bit spooky: This Halloween, creep out your house guests with a haunted hotel sign.

How cute is this for Halloween?!  Just a mason jar and some gauze!

USE GLOW STICK - DIY Halloween Decorations - Mason Jar Luminaries. How cute will these look outside your door for Halloween?