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  • Julie C

    I'd be the dorky person taking a picture with a banana peel. Do you think this is what the banana peels say in Mario Kart? "The best 'Caution!' sign there is."

  • Tere Sa

    Banana Peel Warning Sign

  • Juli Moench Pla

    banana, floor, caution, sign, design

  • Yvonne Mak

    Banana Caution Sign, so funny!

  • Lou Fusz

    Banana caution sign. Real life Mario Kart, anyone? We'll do it with #Scion iQ's!

  • Ali Hill Brugman

    Banana peel CAUTION sign for wet floors!

  • alexandra ferris

    the most awesome caution sign #mariokart

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not sure why this made me laugh so hard

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I think this is definitely a great way to get people's attention. Now if that banana was foldable in some manner it would definitely sell.

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