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    I might be taking these braids out early if I keep watching her videos! -_______-* Trying to hold it til March.

    I can't wait to take my braids out!

    Going to try updo this year!

    She's the only reason I would ever consider getting them! I would get them layered just like this also.

    Bought this today! Let see if it works!

    My mom offered to take my braids out! Two more weeks with my braids if necessary.

    Even though we have different textures. I do the same thing!

    I need to learn how to do more own hair like this...

    I need both sides braided, but I want the front cute!

    Hairdeas! When I get tired of playing with my hair.

    I want mine about this size next time...

    Box Braids. Protective Style.

    Look at those braids! I hopep when I get them done the third time they're the right size.

    I really want to do this!

    My parts are going to be this big if I get my hair braided again. I like her cartilage ring too.

    I'm gonna try this tomorrow. If I remember.

    Her dreads? are pretty!

    Protective style.

    I'm trying this do' out during the summer! :)


    If First Lady had an afro! :)

    I was about to say I miss my hair, but I forgot that my hair is just in cornrows for the week....haha.

    Protective hairstyles ideas for summer!

    Hair idea #2