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I love Yoda.

Keep calm yoda

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Keep calm and use The Force.

I want to let the sarcasm fly free. Actually I want to call up and get everything off my chest, but they wouldn't care anyway.

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Yoda - Star Wars - Humor

join me maybe

Keep Calm and... Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start!

Storm Trooper Office Space

A wise Wooki once said...

I love that I am a nerd. Wish I would have realized this at a younger age. My husband is uber hot to me and is a total geek-I am totally attracted to cutie pie geeks...would so rather have a geek than a jock...


Finding Nemo is quite possibly one of my most favorite movies ever. JUST KEEP SWIMMING

i laughed a little

I'd be making cash

Keep Calm and Use The Force

Keep Calm Star Wars


This is beyond hilarious!