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5x7 photos, painted wooden boards, mod podge, ribbon.

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home decor idea



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how to transfer photo to wood

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Turn photos into art - I just paid a lot of money to have this done. Wish I would have known it was so easy! Excited to try this!




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Pictures instead of tags... must remember for Christmas!

SohoSonnet Creative Livingfrom SohoSonnet Creative Living

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DIY Wood Picture Blocks, easy mod podge, wood and ribbon - SohoSonnet Creative Living

Trendy Thriftingfrom Trendy Thrifting

DIY Canvas Prints: HUGE Impact, low cost

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DIY Canvas Art: Huge Impact, Low, Low, Low Cost. Christmas gift ideas anyone?




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Awesome idea!

SohoSonnet Creative Livingfrom SohoSonnet Creative Living

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DIY Wood Picture Block Mod Podge, wood, ribbon, EASY. SohoSonnet Creative Living

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For all the pictures you have make this easy collage board with clear mod podge and foam board.

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Love Map - A Tutorial

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Throw up carpet cleaner. Every mother and pet owner needs this. (One of those you hope not to ever need, but you know you will...) I'll be glad I pinned this one day...

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picture block with the sunshine song I love!

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homemade mod podge

Her Campusfrom Her Campus

HCIU's Favorite D.I.Y Crafts From Pinterest










This blog has beautiful DIY ideas that you wouldn't have thought to do before! I personally love the styrofoam board and candle holders (as seen). The orange daisies really add to it!

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mod podge photos

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House blocks


Mod Podge Basics + 28 Mod Podge Crafts

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super helpful tips on mod podging/decoupaging basics with fabric, paper, etc. onto wood, tin, etc.

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chicken wire boards

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DIY mod podge - glossy and matte (or add glitter!) because the real stuff is ridiculously expensive, for what it really is.