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@Erin Kesler. for your next sushi party. or your first sushi party. please don't invite me unless you have have chocolate sushi. kthanks.

Paramodel picked up a truck for this artwork and a food sample made of plastic to make this curious Tommy Sushi!

Because chocolate and sushi go well together.

Eight Strange Sushi Creations Too Good to Eat

Tupperware Sushi Maker

Tupperware Sushi Maker -- Yes, they even made a sushi Maker for the European/Asian Market. I want one.

Hello Kitty Sushi - I am going to try to make these for Kammy's birthday party!  I already bought the Hello Kitty rice molds.

Hello Kitty - for dinner

You see, the good ship "Hello Kitty" sailed and passed me! So I am trying out some hello kitty party food recipes and ideas to taste.

Sushi ... it makes my tummy & my <3 :)

Taste of the Town - Sold on Sushi - Alameda Magazine - May-June 2006 - Alameda, California

Sushi... I want to try and make my own... might fail. But if i do, I can always go out for sushi. lol


Recipe courtesy of Jeff Yeung, Bento Nouveau's Chef at Pusateri's Fine Foods. Please note that this recipe calls for cup of salt but this is to taste; at least 1 tablespoon of salt should be used. Yield: About 10 rolls.